How to create an Automatic Follow-Up

A walkthrough guide on how to create Automatic Follow-Up messages after Sacraments and Sacramental events.

Step-by-step Instruction

  1. First, open your Chrome browser and type “ in the address bar.

  2. Then, hover your mouse on the top right and click the “LOGIN” button.

  3. After that, on the "Login" page, type your email address and password in the “Email” and “Password” text field.

  4. Then, click the “Login” button.

  5. Next, you will be on the next page, which is your Account Dashboard.

  6. Then, on the upper right of the top menu, next to the “Notification (bell icon)”, click on “Admin”.

  7. You will then be on the next page, which is your Admin settings.

  8. Next, on the left side you will see the different options under “Navigation.” Click on “Follow-Up”.

  9. Now, on this page, you can create a follow-up message that will automatically be sent to someone who has completed one of the Sacraments or Sacramental events (Baptism, Communion, Confirmation, Marriage Prep, RCIA, Funeral, Quinceñera).
  10. To do so, click on the drop down menu and select the Sacrament or Sacramental event. For example, we will be creating a Marriage Prep Follow-Up.
  11.  Next, click on “New Follow-Up Message”
  12.  Next, double check the correct Sacrament or Sacramental event is selected. Enter the number of days after the Sacrament or Sacramental event you would like the message to be sent. And type out the message you would like sent to those receiving that Sacrament or Sacramental event.
    Note: A greeting will automatically be added to the message. Simply type the body of your message.

    Note: In this example, all couples in Marriage Prep will receive this Follow-Up 30 days after the wedding.
  13. After completing your message, click on “Store”
  14. You have now created a Follow-Up! You can now see the Follow-Up information, as well as edit or delete the Follow-Up if needed.

  15. Note: The email will contain the parish name or logo, the name of the recipient(s), the date of their Sacrament or Sacramental event, the content of the message, and the parish name and address at the bottom.

And that’s how you create an Automatic Follow-Up in the Pastoral Parish!